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Upcoming brevet dates

posted May 15, 2013, 4:47 PM by Mark Beaver
Hi all - we are into our brevet season now - we had six happy riders on our first 200k last Saturday.
We have several upcoming brevets - here's a precis of the schedule.
We have applied to France for some Wednesday brevets, as well as the Saturday brevets on the schedule.
We will hold a 200km brevet on Wednesday May 22nd, as well as on Saturday May 25th.

We will hold a 300km brevet on Wednesday May 29th, as well as on Saturday June 1st.
And we will hold a 400km brevet on Wednesday June 8th, as well as on Saturday June 12th.
There is only one date for our 600km brevet, which is June 22-23.
And, in case your legs aren't tired enough yet, our 1000k is on the weekend of July 6-7-8.
Details about upcoming rides will be forewarded in a timely manner.
If anyone plans to do the Wednesday May 22nd 200, please let me know by Monday the 20th so I can prepare brevet cards and maps.
Mark Beaver
Randonneurs Nova Scotia