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Rides on Saturday June 2nd

posted May 30, 2012, 4:29 PM by Mark Beaver   [ updated May 30, 2012, 4:32 PM ]
Hi all - we had a great turnout for the 300km last weekend - eight 
riders for Saturday and two for the alternate date - so some of you will 
be primed for another challenge - here you go. 
This Saturday we have two different events for your entertainment - a 
400km brevet and a 160km night ride.  Both events will begin at the same 
time and location. 
Our 400km brevet will begin at midnight on Friday night.  We'll assemble 
at Graham's Grove in Dartmouth.  All riders must have full reflective 
gear - a reflective vest with lots of reflective material, plus 
reflective legbands and whatever else you might have.  Riders will also 
be required to have a primary headlight AND a secondary headlight as a 
backup, and a non-flashing red rear light.  Riders with battery operated 
headlights should have a spare set of batteries with you. 
Our route is attached.  The route is  I'll have detail maps of a 
couple of the more tricky town navigations for you as well. 
We'll head up Route 2 to Stewiacke for a middle-of-the-night coffee 
refueling, then up to Truro and Pictou, then down to Upper Stewiacke and 
Sheet Harbour and back in Route 7.  There will be a couple of stretches 
of road with no stores for 50km at a time so riders should carry  some 
pocket fuel just in case. 
I need to know by Friday morning if you plan to attend this ride, please 
let me know so I can prepare brevet cards. 
Also departing at the same time is the "Stewiacke - Nine Mile River 
Escort" ride, which will accompany the brevet riders as far as Stewiacke 
then loop back to town via Hants County.  This is a great opportunity to 
experience the magic of night-riding without the need to do another 
300km after the sun comes up.  Again, let me know if you plan to do this 
Mark Beaver 
Randonneurs Nova Scotia