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rides on Saturday May 11th

posted May 8, 2013, 5:38 PM by Mark Beaver
Hi all - this weekend we have our first brevet ride of the season, and an "escort" ride for those who don't want to go 200k.

The brevet is entitled, "Scotsburn - Wentworth".  This ride will assemble at the parking lot of the school at Lower Onslow - take the first exit off Highway 102 past Truro after crossing the Salmon River and turn left - the school is a couple hundred meters past the exit.  The ride will depart at 8AM.

The link to the route is

The maps for the route are attached.

We've done this route several times before, so this time, we're doing it in the opposite direction (counterclockwise).  We'll head over Mount Thom on the old Route 4 to Scotsburn, then on to Earltown and Tatamagouche for lunch, then up to Wallace and back through Wentworth with its lovely new pavement.

As this is a brevet ride I will need to know if you plan to attend by Friday afternoon so that I can prepare brevet cards and maps and cue sheets for you.

If you want a medal for this brevet, bring $15 with you to the start.

For those who don't want to do the full 200km, there's an escort ride.

The link to this ride is

The two rides will travel together to Scotsburn to Earltown then the shorter ride will head straight back over Nuttby to the start point.

If you plan to do this option, let me know as well, so I can make up maps for you.

Mark Beaver,
May 8, 2013, 5:38 PM
Mark Beaver,
May 8, 2013, 5:38 PM