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ride on Saturday June 24th

posted Jun 21, 2017, 5:23 PM by Mark Beaver
It appears as though the early forecast for rain on Saturday has migrated to rain on Friday night, so Saturday's looking good for our scheduled club ride, which is entitled, "Aspotogan loop".

No need of a route map for this one, the course is pretty self-evident.

The ride will assemble to depart at 9AM from the Armdale Roundabout in Halifax.  We'll head down Route 3 through Hubbards to East River, then around the Blandford loop past Bayswater Beach and Aspotogan back to Hubbards.  After a lunch break at the Trellis Restaurant, we'll head back into the city and probably end up telling lies at the Good Robot brewery.

Congratulations once again to all those who participated in our brevet series this spring, and especially those who completed our 600k last weekend in the face of some pretty unpleasant weather on Saturday.

Looking forward to a ride without lights!