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ride on Saturday April 2nd

posted Mar 30, 2016, 4:15 PM by Mark Beaver
April!  so nice to be able to type that word again.  So much nicer than typing "February" or "March"...

Our first scheduled club ride of the 2016 season is entitled, "Mineville - Seaforth".  Or Minesville - as back in the old days, the turnoff to Mineville said "Minesville" from one end and "Mineville" from the other end, so many people use the names interchangeably.  But I digress...

Link to the route is Distance is 76km.

We'll meet at Graham's Grove in Dartmouth to depart at 10AM.  Our route takes us through Preston and Lake Echo to Porters Lake and Grand Desert.  We'll stop at the Rose And Rooster Bakery and Cafe for coffee and a snack, then continue through Seaforth to the Three Fathom Harbour turnoff, then on to Lawrencetown Beach and Mine(s)ville then back into the city on Route 7 again.

If you haven't already found it, our 2016 schedule is available on our website at  

 The schedule link "with hyperlinks" may be saved to your desktop so that you can find the route map for almost every ride by clicking on the blue title of the ride.  The RideWithGPS link will open.

If you are a GPS user, you will be able to upload the route into most GPS units for turn-by-turn directions.  If you aren't a GPS user - click on the "print cue sheet" button and print off a copy of the ride cue sheet and bring it with you on the ride.  And look at it!  Get a map clip for your handlebar stem so that the cue sheet is staring at you when you ride, and get used to using it, and your bike computer, to learn when the next turn is coming.  This will prove invaluable later in the season when we're doing longer rides out of town, and you end up split up from the group - if you have become proficient at reading the cue sheet and navigating, you will not be intimidated by this at all.  The cue sheet does no good in your pocket!!  End of rant.

Those who haven't already joined the club for the 2016 season should complete the attached membership application form and bring it along on the ride, with $25 if you are not a Bicycle Nova Scotia member thru another cycling club, or only $15 if you are already a BNS member.