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ride on Saturday April 25th

posted Apr 21, 2015, 5:03 PM by Mark Beaver
Hi all - if you missed last weekend's ride, you missed a good one - with eighteen riders, and sunny conditions, it was a lovely day to be out on a bike.

This weekend, we have a ride entitled, "Nine Mile River - Rawdon". This ride will assemble at Graham's Grove Park in Dartmouth on the shores of Lake Banook.  Departure time is 10AM and distance is 120km.

Link to the route is

We'll head out the Waverley Road past Laurie Park to Enfield and Elmdale, paying a visit to Tim's along the way for coffee and a snack.  Then we head up through Nine Mile River to Cheese Factory Corner and Upper Rawdon, then south on the Beaver Bank Road to Cobequid Road and back in to Dartmouth again.  There are few stores between Elmsdale and Beaver Bank so be sure to bring some pocket food.

When you look at the course on ridewithgps, you will see on the right side toolbar, the command "print cue sheet from browser".  You should click on this and print it off and bring it with you, in a ziploc bag so it survives dampness.

Those who have a Garmin gps can, of course, drop the route into their gadget and get turn-by-turn navigation.  However I do recommend nonetheless that you print off a paper cue sheet as well and bring it along - you know technology...

The map that will also print from ridewithgps is somewhat vague, however - I like to recommend that riders carry a Provincial Highway Map with them on our rides.  If you get lost, it will help.  I have taken a copy of the Provincial Highway Map (available from any NS tourist bureau) and cut the center third out of it, leaving the portion of the map that's within a reasonable (or even unreasonable) day ride or car drive from the city.  Fold the map several times and slide it into a ziploc bag, small enough to fit into a pocket or a seat bag, and you have a map that you may never need to consult... until you really need it.

However I do recommend that all randonneurs study their map and the the route each weekend and familiarize themselves with where you are planning to ride.  It's good for confidence building and it's nice to be able to equate those squiggles on paper with the reality of the real world.