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first 200km of the year

posted May 7, 2012, 5:20 PM by Mark Beaver

Hi all, this week we will have our first brevet ride of the year.  In fact, we will have two of them.

We have a Saturday ride entitled, "Wentworth - Scotsburn 200", and we will also have a Wednesday 200km, which is not on the printed schedule but is on the list of brevets which we have sanctioned by the ACP in France.  More about the Wednesday ride later.

This Saturday we have two rides, the 200km brevet and a 130km ride entitled, "Wentworth - Nuttby". 

Both rides will meet and depart together.  Rides will assemble at the parking lot of the school in Lower Onslow.  Take exit 14A off Highway 102, just across the river past Truro.  When you get off the highway, turn left and the school is a couple hundred meters from the exit.

The rides will depart at 8AM.

The 200km ride is a brevet, entitled "Wentworth - Scotsburn 200".  Pre-registration for the brevet is requested - please contact Mark at (w) 425-1756 (or reply to this email) to pre-register for the ride by Thursday evening, so that we can prepare brevet cards in advance.  If you wish to earn a medal for this brevet, please bring $15 to the ride start.  Maps and detailed cue sheets will be provided for both rides.

The 130km option is entitled "Wentworth - Nuttby".  Both rides will depart together and riders will travel together, past Debert and Folly Lake to Wentworth.  The 130km ride will branch off to Tagamagouche, while the brevet will continue up to Wallace then to Tatamagouche.    The 130km riders will head south from Tatamagouche to Earltown and back to Lower Onslow.  The brevet riders will leave from Tagamagouche and ride to Scotsburn and Mt Thom and back to Lower Onslow

This should be one of the best rides of the year.  Hope to see you there!

For those who can't make it on Saturday, there is an option of a Wednesday 200 with a metro departure.  Your ride leader will be Dave Ross.  If you wish to do this brevet, please let Mark know by Monday evening so that maps and brevet cards can be completed.  I'll let you know the start location and will get maps and cue sheets prepared.

Mark Beaver
Randonneurs Nova Scotia