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400km brevet

posted Jun 7, 2011, 5:05 PM by Mark Beaver   [ updated Jun 7, 2011, 5:10 PM ]
Congratulations to all those who rode the 400km brevets last week - I'm sure there will be lots of stories to tell for months to come from this one!

The Saturday 400 was the largest participation we've ever had for a 400 - with ten riders participating.  Several riders achieved new personal best distances this past week.  We were graced with a day with minimal winds, and cool but comfortable temperatures.  Everyone who finished should be proud of their achievement - you've now joined an elite group of ultra-distance Nova
Scotians - fewer than twenty riders have ever gone this far in a day in our province.

And a special congratulations to hard-rider Danny Brackett who departed on Wednesday night to do the 400 solo - only to run into the biggest thunder-and-lightning storm we've had here in decades!  Danny describes riding between Musquodoboit Harbour and Middle Musquodoboit during the lightning storm - he says he almost didn't need his headlight, the lightning was nearly continuous at times!  Wow.  Danny continued overnight and throughout the day to complete his solo 400.

To those who haven't already given me their brevet cards - I do need to find out from you when your finishing time was - as I need to submit the results to the Audax Club Parisien in France in the next couple of days for "homologation".  Email me soon.

Anyone who hasn't given me their finishing times for the 200 or the 300, please do so by email as well.

Mark Beaver
Randonneurs Nova Scotia