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400k brevet on Saturday June 4th

posted May 29, 2016, 1:54 PM by Mark Beaver
Hello randonneurs - so - this Saturday we have one of our most challenging, yet most rewarding, rides of the schedule - our annual 400km brevet.

This ride starts at midnight Friday night at the Armdale Roundabout.  The route is

Why rewarding?  Well, riding through the night is the quintessential randonneur experience... it's magical, riding while everyone else is sleeping.  There's virtually no traffic - out of town there's no streetlights, so you're riding by the illumination of the group's headlamps - hopefully the stars are out - it's quiet and still.  Then near dawn, a faint red glow appears on the eastern horizon - the first birds begin to sing - the first rooster crows - the morning brightens into day.

So - if you're up for the experience of night-riding, but not up for 400k's - we have an alternate challenge for you - ride with the group as far as Windsor then head south back to Halifax again, for 235km, you'll be home for noontime.  The alternate is

Both rides depart from the Armdale Roundabout and head to Waverley, Lantz, and Shubenacadie to Stewiacke - to the 24-hour Tim Horton's for a coffee fix and some food.  Then onward to South Maitland and Kennetcook to Brooklyn and Windsor - where the Crossroads Restaurant opens at 7AM for breakfast.

For those who plan to ride the brevet distance - the 240k route diverges here - the brevet riders will head to New Ross, to Franey Corner, Lake George, and back to New Ross again, then onward south to Chester and back into Halifax on Route 3.

Those planning to ride the brevet are requested to notify me by Thursday evening of your intention to participate.  I recommend (if you can) get off work a little early, have supper and try to get a couple hours' sleep - have your bike fully prepared Thursday night.  Have some "breakfast" before you leave for the roundabout - so your feeble brain thinks it's just a <really> early morning... yah, I know.

All riders will be required to have bright lights and reflective vest.  Those with battery lights will need a second light in case the first one dies - those with dynamo lights will need a battery light as backup as well.  Steady red tail-lights are required - flashing lights are quite annoying in a group format.  Lots of reflective clothing is a good idea, reflective legbands work well.  We naturally ride a little slower through the hours of darkness so we'll try to stay together in one or two groups.  It can be quite cool at night, colder than the forecast might indicate, so warm clothing, booties and gloves are strongly recommended.

I look forward to an amazing ride next Saturday!