ride on Saturday Nov 4th

posted Oct 30, 2017, 5:07 PM by Mark Beaver

OK folks, this Saturday we have our final scheduled ride of the 2017 season - although we'll continue to have impromptu rides weather permitting until the winter hits.

This Saturday we have an interesting variant on an old club favourite - with several twists.  This ride is entitled, "Chezzetcook - Montague".  It will assemble at Graham's Grove to depart at 10am.

Link to the route is

Note that there will be several unexpected turns on this route, so you may have to pay attention to your navigation!

We head out Main Street to the Forest Hills Parkway to the Lawrencetown road, with a side trip to Three Fathom Harbour. We'll stop at the Rose and Rooster for coffee and a snack. Departing there, we'll head over Bellefontaine Road to West Porter's Lake to Lake Echo, then explore some sideroads on the way to Cherry Brook and Montague Road then back to the Grove again. Plan to celebrate our final ride of the year with a visit to Battery Park for a beer or two - I'll bring a cable lock, perhaps you can bring a small one as well.

ride on Saturday Oct 28th

posted Oct 23, 2017, 3:49 PM by Mark Beaver

Hi all - one last chance to see the autumn leaves before the November winds take them down - this Saturday's ride is to East Uniacke.

Link to the route is

Note that the ride begins in BEDFORD, not Halifax - the ride will assemble at the Second Cup coffee shop in Sunnyside Mall.

(Please park any vehicles well away from the building, as it gets busy there later in the morning).

The ride will depart at 10AM.  From Bedford.  Not from Halifax. From Bedford.

We'll head out on the Rocky Lake Drive to Waverley and Windsor Junction, then on to Windgate Drive to the Beaver Bank Road.  We turn left at East Uniacke Road past Hollywood to Etter Road and Upper Sackville, then back into Bedford via Glendale Drive, and First Lake Drive (just to be different).

Hope to see you on Saturday!

ride on Saturday Oct 21st

posted Oct 16, 2017, 4:11 PM by Mark Beaver

Hi all - this Saturday we have a really fun ride in the Windsor - Gaspereau area.

This ride is entitled, "Bishopville - Sunken Lake".  Link to the route is

The ride will assemble at the parking lot near the waterfront Tim Horton's in Windsor - park at the far end of the parking lot nearest the highway, out of the way as this area gets busy later in the day.

Departure time is 10AM.

The ride will head out across the Avon River to the Bog Road, then up the Bishopville Road on a long gradual winding climb that follows a pretty brook amongst colourful hardwood trees.  There is a short stretch of dirt road on this stretch.  Once the pavement resumes, the route heads west on Davison Street to cross over the Lumsden Pond and on to Sunken Lake, which is a pretty cottage community.  (there's another short stretch of dirt road around the lake).  After a screaming descent into the Gaspereau Valley at White Rock, the route follows the beautiful Gaspereau Valley past the vineyards and farm fields to Avonport and Hantsport and back to Windsor again.  There's a distinct possibility of a post-ride beverage at the Spitfire Arms too.

As I will be out of town this weekend, your ride leader will be Micheline McWhirter, who promises to keep the pace comfortable and casual.  C'mon out!

ride on Saturday Oct 14th

posted Oct 9, 2017, 4:30 PM by Mark Beaver

Hello folks, the autumn leaves were just starting for last weekend's Hippie Dippie ride - so they should be at their prime this weekend.

So we're heading inland to ride in Hants County - this Saturday's ride is entitled, "Goff's - Wittenburg".

Link to the route is

We'll assemble at the parking lot behind the Tim Horton's at the Enfield Big Stop - please park cars back out of the way as this place gets busy during the daytime.  Departure time is 10am.

We'll head up the new pavement to Goff's then on toward Dollar Lake Park, heading north past Lake Egmont to the Wittenburg road on small quiet backroads.  After a visit to the Stewiacke Tim's for coffee and a snack, we'll head south to Shubenacadie and Milford then out through Hardwood Lands to the Enfield Road back to the Big Stop again.

See you there!

ride on Saturday October 7th

posted Oct 2, 2017, 5:06 PM by Mark Beaver   [ updated Oct 2, 2017, 5:07 PM ]

Hi folks:

This Saturday we have a sweet ride in northern Nova Scotia.  

We're teaming up with a group ride called the "Hippie Dippie Falling Leaves Classic".  This ride departs at 10AM from Tatamagouche.  

Link to the route is  This replaces the route in our printed ride schedule, don't use that one please.

Facebook event is at

Because there will be a considerable size group, the organizers have arranged parking at the North Shore Recreation Center, at 30 Blair Avenue.  Plan to arrive there by 9:30AM to prep, and ride your bike to the start which is beside the Tatamagouche Brewing Company on Main Street.  There is also a 52km shorter option planned.  

The 100k option heads south out of town to New Annan then east to The Falls and up the climb to Earltown.  We then head north on a long sweet downhill run through East Earltown and Denmark to Brule, then along the coast to River John.  The route then heads south again up to West Branch River John and west to East Earltown again, and reprises the ride through Denmark to Upper River John Road and back to Tatamagouche again.  There will be three rest stops along this route arranged by the organizers.

This should be a fun event - in some of Nova Scotia's best riding countryside.

ride on Saturday Sept 30th

posted Sep 26, 2017, 4:57 PM by Mark Beaver

Hi all, this Saturday we have a gem of a ride, in the Annapolis Valley.

This ride is entitled, "Hall's Harbour", but it's a lot more than that.

We'll assemble in the parking area just north of the Port Pub Bistro in Port Williams - please don't park beside the Pub as it gets busy there later in the day, park further north up the street.  Departure time is 10AM.

Link to the route is Distance is 100km.

We'll follow the shoreline past Starr's Point and Canard toward Canning, then head toward Blomidon, and climb the South Mountain on Stewart Mountain Road up to the Lookoff.  After a stop to admire the view, we continue on toward Halls Harbour on Brow of Mountain Road, and enjoy the spectacular view out over the Bay of Fundy as we descend down into Hall's Harbour (unlike the views on the 600 earlier this year...)  We'll stop for a sit-down lunch at the lobster pound takeout at Hall's Harbour then follow Brow of Mountain again to the descent at Black Rock Road.  Once back in the Valley, we wander on quiet backroads past Keddy's Corner and Chipman's Corner back to Port Williams, where there is a distinct possibility of a post ride beer at the pub.

Forecast is for cool and clear, nice autumn weather.  Expect to see a good crowd out for this one! 

ride on Saturday Sept 23rd

posted Sep 19, 2017, 4:08 PM by Mark Beaver

Hi folks - this weekend we have our first ride of the autumn season - and the forecast looks stellar at this point.

Saturday's ride is entitled, "Hillsvale - Beaver Bank".  Link to the route is

Note that the ride begins and ends at the Sunnyside Mall parking lot in front of the Second Cup coffee shop - please park any vehicles away from the buildings so as not to inconvenience the businesses inside.

Scheduled distance is 102km.

We'll head out on the Old Sackville Road bypassing Lower Sackville, then make our way to Mount Uniacke and Lakelands, where we turn onto the South Rawdon Road to (not surprisingly) South Rawdon.  We then head up Route 14 and turn onto the Beaver Bank Road, where, after the 6.5km of crappy pavement, we will enjoy the smooth tarmac to Beaver Bank and back to Bedford again.

We'll have a store stop at the midpoint of the ride, and we will attempt to conduct this ride at a moderate pace (you know who I'm talking about...).  Feel free to invite a friend or two on this ride as it should be a nice day out in the countryside.

200k on Saturday September 16th

posted Sep 11, 2017, 4:26 PM by Mark Beaver

Hi all, this weekend we have our final 200km brevet of the season.

This ride starts at the Masstown Market in Masstown, northwest of Truro off Highway 2.

Link to the route is

The ride departs at 8AM.

We'll head out toward Parrsboro on Route 2 along the Economy shoreline of the Bay of Fundy, past the highest measured tides in the world.  It's gently rolling countryside until the speedbump of Economy Mountain and a sweet descent into Five Islands; thereafter rolling terrain to Parrsboro.  After a lunch stop there, we had north on a fairly gentle ride up the Halfway River Valley to Southampton, then a climb up to Wyndham Hill, where, if you look behind you, you'll be able to see the mountains of Fundy National Park in New Brunswick in the distance.  After a sweet descent down to Collingwood and another store stop, the route heads east through forested gently rolling terrain to the Wentworth Valley, with one final climb and descent over Folly Mountain back to Masstown.

If you plan to ride this brevet, please notify me by email before Friday afternoon of your intention to participate.

If you wish to earn a medal for this ride, bring $15 cash with you.

In fact, this is your last opportunity to order medals for any of the earlier brevet rides you have completed this year; if you didn't order and pay for medals beforehand, and wish to get them, let me know by the weekend.

ride on Saturday Sept 9

posted Sep 5, 2017, 4:16 PM by Mark Beaver

Hi folks, this weekend we have a club favourite ride, which begins in Lunenburg.

This ride is entitled, "Lunenburg - LaHave".  Link to the route is

The ride begins at the Lunenburg Curling Club and Arena parking lot in central Lunenburg.  Departure time is 10AM.

The ride will head out toward the LaHave River on Grimm Road then north along the shores of the LaHave to Bridgewater, crossing the river there and continuing on to Conquerall Mills and Camperdown and on to Vogler's Cove, a very pretty spot.  Then the route follows the coastline through Broad Cove and Petite Riviere past Rissers Beach to lunch at the LaHave Bakery.  After lunch, catch the LaHave Ferry across the river to the east side and return to Lunenburg via the pretty coastal road through Bayport.

Expecting to see a good group of riders out for this one.

A few of our riders (myself included) will be attending the Guysborough Lost Shores Gran Fondo in eastern NS.  Any of those doing the Gran Fondo on Saturday who are staying in the area Saturday night can contact me regarding a Sunday ride in the Antigonish area.

ride on Saturday August 26th

posted Aug 22, 2017, 5:08 AM by Mark Beaver

Hi all - our last club ride of the summer takes place on Saturday August 26th.  So we're heading along the coastline past some beaches!

This ride is entitled, "Clam Harbour Century".  As the name would imply, distance is 161km or 100 miles.  Link to the route is

The ride heads out #7 past Porters Lake and Musquodoboit Harbour to Lake Charlotte.  After a stop at the log cabin style Webbers Store, the ride heads around the Clam Harbour loop, past Clam Bay, Debaie's Cove and Lower Ship Harbour then back in #7 to Porters Lake - then south along West Porters Lake Road to Lawrencetown Beach and back to Dartmouth.

Departure time for the ride is 9AM.

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