Randonneurs Nova Scotia


Welcome to 2017!  The Randonneurs Nova Scotia long-distance-cycling club is entering its 15th season this year.

"Randonneuring" is long-distance, non-competitive cycling. Riders push their limits to achieve long rides comfortably. The emphasis is on teamwork and efficiency - to arrive at one's goal, not necessarily first or fastest, but with the most efficient use of one's resources. Randonneurs can travel surprisingly long distances in a day, and have energy to spare!

The heart of the randonneuring club is the "brevet", which is a distance challenge ride to be accomplished within a set period of time. The time limits are generous, assuming a minimum average speed of 15 km/hr, but the clock is always running whether you are riding or stopped, eating or sleeping. Brevet distances are in multiples of 100km; there are brevets of 200km, 300km, 400km, and 600km, as well as the ultimate challenges of the 1000km and 1200km brevets.
The 2017 Randonneurs Nova Scotia schedule has a full brevet series of 200 – 300 – 400 – 600 – 1000km for this year.  We also have other rides called "populaires" which are of varying distances and destinations.  You can find our schedule under "Ride Schedule and Membership" on the toolbar to the right.  Club members will receive an email with information about the upcoming weekend's ride on the Tuesday or Wednesday before. You can also check out our Facebook group, search Randonneurs Nova Scotia.
We welcome new members on our rides - check out the ride schedule to see if the distance of the ride is within your comfort level!  Looking forward to seeing you this year!